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Our Artists

Tommy Burnhams

A Professional Musician since 2008, Tommy has toured the world as a professional Guitarist for hire. Playing in clubs and bars and recording studios across Europe and the UK.

A Guitarist with an ability to play a wide variety of styles and a voice to suit. Tommy is a rare breed of virtuoso ability on the Guitar coupled with a soul in his voice and experience beyond his years. now settled on the Isle of Wight you can see Tommy performing locally in bands or as a solo act.

Tommy will not disappoint.

Oliver Ducie

A Professional Musician since 2002. Oliver is known as the front man and bass player for Isle of Wight Folk rockers Lucid.

A Very experienced Musician with an incredible story telling voice. He’s also a comedian In Disguise. Oliver is guaranteed to bring some class some joy some laughter and above all great music and entertainment.

Oliver can be seen playing around the Isle of Wight in various different outfits which is a testament to how versatile a musician he is.

Oliver is the Top Echelon of musicians on the south coast. Not to be missed. 

Claydon Connor

Claydon has been a stalwart of the Isle of Wight music scene since the early 2000’s an exceptional guitarist and vocalist. Having done 1000’s of gigs and up and done the country and across Europe, Claydon’s experience is unmatched.

Claydon is also a successful promoter and club owner. He is the boss at Strings Bar and Venue. Giving an opportunity to local musicians and also bringing in some great acts from the mainland. Claydon has always been recognised his great song choice and delivery.

An Isle of Wight legend already.

Lydia Alonso

Lydia Alonso is a world renowned cellist who  provides both romantic classical cello music for concerts and her unique high-energy Electric Cello Show. Playing on a striking wireless electric cello, Lydia's electric style spans multiple genres.

Lydia has brought her unique offering to corporate functions, private parties, weddings and other celebrations. She is a proficient and experienced session player, having performed with the likes of Snow Patrol, Sarah Darling, Jenn Bostic and Stealth.

Having studied at the Royal Academy of  Music she is an extraordinary musician.

Danielle Carruthers

Danielle has been performing from a very young age. She has been dancing since the age of 5 in stage productions and theatre performances.

Danielle has toured the world as an international singer.

Danielle graduated from the prestigious BRIT school in 2011 and has gone on to tour all over the world as professional singer. Danielle has a very elegant way about her performances and plays the guitar very well which accompanies her sweet voice and song choice. Able to hit the notes of the Divas or employ some stripped back qualities that make Danielle ideal for just about any event.

A true natural performer.

Duncan Jones and Ed Daish-Miller

Our Live Music Line Up

Valentine's Music Weekend | Easter Jazz Music Weekend | Queen's Jubilee Music Weekend

January 2022

Friday 28th - Oliver Ducie, 9.30pm-Late

April 2022

Friday 1st - Oliver Ducie, 9.30pm-Late

Friday 8th - Tommy Burnhams, 9.30pm-Late

Thursday 14th - Duncan Jones & Ed Daish-Miller, 9.30pm-Late

Easter Weekend - a full music weekend! More details coming!

Friday 22nd - Claydon Connor, 9.30pm-Late

Friday 29th - Danielle Carruthers, 9.30pm-Late

February 2022

Friday 4th - Oliver Ducie, 9.30pm-Late

Friday 11th - Tommy Burnhams, 9.30pm-Late

Saturday 12th - Lydia Alonso, 6.30-9.30pm

Saturday 12th - Danielle Carruthers, 9.30pm-Late

Sunday 13th - Lydia Alonso, 12.30-2.30pm

Friday 18th - Claydon Connor, 9.30pm-Late

Thursday 24th - Duncan Jones & Ed Daish-Miller, 9.30pm-Late

Friday 25th - Danielle Carruthers, 9.30pm-Late

May 2022

Thursday 12th - Duncan Jones & Ed Daish-Miller, 9.30pm-Late

Friday 27th - Tommy Burnhams, 9.30pm-Late

March 2022

Friday 4th - Tommy Burnhams, 9.30pm-Late

Friday 11th - Blue and Sunny, 9.30pm-Late

Friday 18th - Oliver Ducie, 9.30pm-Late

Thursday 24th - Duncan Jones & Ed Daish-Miller, 9.30pm-Late

Friday 25th - Claydon Connor, 9.30pm-Late

June 2022

Thursday 2nd - Duncan Jones & Ed Daish-Miller, 9.30pm-Late

Friday 24th - Tommy Burnhams, 9.30pm-Late

Watch this space for our bookings for the rest of the year!